Double Line Partners (DLP) Announces New Ownership

Austin, TX – Austin based education technology development company, Double Line Partners (DLP) announces new ownership.  Previously owned by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, as of October 6, 2015, DLP is owned by Cross Street, LLC.  DLP was acquired by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation in 2011 to complement its strategy to accelerate the education sector’s ability to bring innovative student-centered tools to every classroom across the US. An important part of this strategy is Ed-Fi technology, designed to bring disparate data and IT systems together in a meaningful way, freeing educators and administrators to choose the best vendor tools while maintaining local stewardship of data.  Over the past four years, DLP has played an important role in helping states, districts and schools leverage these tools for the benefit of teachers and students.  DLP will continue to develop and enable the adoption of Ed-Fi technologies to transform data initiatives in public education, both as an important vendor and collaborator of the Dell family foundation, and overall in its work within the education sector as a whole.

DLP has extensive experience in the design and development of performance management systems – dashboards, scorecards and portals – that help educators improve their students’ educational achievement. DLP has a proven track record of successful projects with a broad range of clients, including state and local education agencies, foundations, and nonprofit organizations.  Under its new ownership, DLP will continue to be a leader of innovation in the education technology arena and become even more client focused for both existing and future clients by delivering high quality solutions.  Its mission remains to empower educators with the data and tools needed to aggressively improve student outcomes.  DLP strives to reach beyond the bottom line that conventionally measures fiscal performance by adding a second bottom line to measure performance by way of a positive social impact.