About Us

Double Line Partners (DLP) is the only education technology development company enabling better individual student outcomes by putting the needs of students and teachers first. With targeted emphasis on performance management, we are committed to ensuring the availability and effective use of up-to-date, actionable data to help educators make better, more informed decisions.

DLP has extensive experience in the design and development of performance management systems – dashboards, scorecards and portals – that help teachers improve their students’ educational achievement. DLP has a proven track record of successful projects with a broad range of clients, including state and local education agencies, foundations, and nonprofit organizations.

Our Experience

DLP’s management team and consultants have 175+ years of collective experience in the education sector – being in the classroom, working at districts and state agencies, and in foundations focused on funding K-12 initiatives. Over the last five years, we have worked with numerous education agencies at the federal, state and local levels to develop performance management systems – designing insightful and actionable dashboards, engaging education stakeholders, and implementing user-friendly data management solutions:

  • Texas Student Data System – Designing and developing statewide system with student-level dashboards to help educators improve student achievement
  • Delaware Department of Education – Developing the statewide Education Insight dashboards as a key component of the state’s Race to the Top initiatives
  • Tennessee Department of Education – Designing and implementing a cloud-based data warehouse system to power multiple applications, including dashboards
  • Arkansas Department of Education – Implementing a statewide dashboard project
  • Colorado Department of Education – Assisting in optimizing the statewide data collections by utilizing the Ed-Fi data solution
  • Little Rock School District – Implementing student-level dashboards
  • DSST Public Schools – Designing and implementing a set of school and network leader level reports on student performance

DLP’s experience is extensive and growing. For information on many more innovative implementations, please see the Projects page.