Double Line Partners serves a variety of clients within the education space. The bulk of our work is with education associations at the state and district levels. What all these organizations have in common is the desire to improve their use of, and access to, data.

We begin by helping our clients source, map, move, and represent data. We then focus on helping them transform such data into readily available metrics and performance indicators.

We stress the importance of working with the stakeholders who are the target of the data representation. In the case of our dashboards, this is often classroom teachers. Talking with stakeholders to understand their needs, desires, and preferences shapes how we approach each engagement.

DLP is well versed with working with foundations that have a focus on education and/or performance management, to help their implementation or increase their effectiveness with specific grantees.

The following represent some of our recent client engagements.

The Ed-Fi Solution

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation wanted to create an open, XML-based, and CEDS-aligned education data standard to enable integration from a wide range of existing education data sources so data could be sifted, analyzed, and put into use every day. DLP was hired to bring together educators and education administrators and identify key metrics and data that had the greatest impact on their daily efforts to facilitate student academic growth. Then, leveraging this real-world understanding, DLP did the technical development of an education data standard and tool suite for the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. For more detail on the solution, please visit and read the DLP case study.


As part of Michigan’s Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG), Double Line Partners was hired to help the TRIG group provide a mechanism for siloed district applications to talk to each other in a secure, FERPA-compliant manner without costly custom point-to-point integration. DLP designed and implemented an advanced configuration module (the Data Cockpit) that automates production rollout of an Ed-Fi-powered Operational Data Store (ODS) and dashboards. DLP created a virtual machine image to replicate the solution across 5 regional hubs within Michigan with minimal deployment effort. For more detail on this project, please download the case study. In June 2015, the Ed-Fi Alliance featured our work in Michigan in an Ed-Fi Alliance Implementation Brief.


The Texas Student Data System (TSDS) project was driven by the need to improve and standardize the data collection and data management process in the State of Texas, and equip educators with timely, actionable and historical student data to drive classroom and student success. DLP was selected as the lead technology partner to develop next-generation student, campus and district performance dashboards for TSDS. Though not yet fully implemented, it has already been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and leading state education agencies as a successful model for leveraging statewide data systems to put real-time student performance data in the hands of educators to improve student achievement. These dashboards are currently in limited product release in several districts in Texas and are expected to be rolled out statewide during the 2013-2014 school year. For more detail on this project, please download the case study.


As part of the Race to the Top initiatives to improve student performance, the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) wanted to enable statewide academic dashboards so that all educators would have access to actionable educational data for their students and schools. Double Line Partners, working with Wireless Generation, was hired to customize and implement the Ed-Fi-powered student dashboards within the DDOE infrastructure. A parallel project (which DLP was also a part of) implemented a Data Warehouse system, from which the dashboards would pull most of their data. The Insight Dashboard is now available to K-12 educators in Delaware. It is the first statewide implementation of an Ed-Fi-powered dashboard product, and took less than 1 year from design to pilot implementation. For more detail on this project, please download the case study.

DSST Public Schools

The Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) Public Schools, deeply versed in data-driven education, had outgrown the use of their reporting tools. Double Line Partners was hired to customize and implement an Ed-Fi-powered Operational Data Store (ODS) and dimensional data warehouse using DSST data pulled from a variety of source data systems, with the goal of creating up-to-date snapshots of student and staff performance. For more information about this project, please download the case study.


As part of its Race to the Top federal grant, the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) embarked on an initiative to restructure the State’s K-12 data system to align with the Ed-Fi data standard. DLP developed a next-generation data solution which provides a real-time interface with district student information systems (SIS). The result is automatically provisioned single sign-on (SSO) accounts for new staff and automatically created FERPA-compliant access controls in the Ed-Fi-powered Dashboard. In addition to providing real-time information about students across the state, the new solution allows districts to retain ownership of their data and avoid lock-in with propitiatory vendor data stores.


To complement Arkansas’ statewide information system, Double Line Partners was hired to implement the Ed-Fi-powered studentGPS dashboard system. The effort began with statewide stakeholder engagement sessions to tailor the application to user requirements. An initial pilot was developed and rolled out to a select group of districts in 2013. Later, DLP was hired to add several elements of new functionality, including intervention tracking, local assessment upload capabilities, student transcript forwarding, and student watch lists with dynamic membership based on defined metric-based criteria. The solution is now statewide with nearly all school districts participating.


The Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT) partnered with Double Line Partners to establish a collaborative of Florida education organizations to share a version of the Ed-Fi tools tailored to Florida schools and districts. As part of the initial phase of development funded by a grant from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, the joint team implemented the Ed-Fi v1.2 dashboards, including multiple assessments (e.g., the FCAT state assessment), and a standalone Early Warning System. CELT and DLP have recently begun work on a second phase of implementation which will leverage the Ed-Fi v2.0 infrastructure, enabling transactional updates to the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store. The second phase will also implement a longitudinal data warehouse based on the Ed-Fi data standard.


Pennsylvania Department of Education’s (PDE) vision for their state accountability data system included the regular use of timely and actionable data by teachers, principals, and school district administrators to improve student achievement. Double Line Partners worked closely with the PEE to translate the findings from stakeholder engagement sessions into Ed-Fi dashboard enhancements. The team designed and built an Early Warning System (EWS), implementing research on early warning indicators by Dr. Robert Balfanz, and an Intervention Catalog that enables educators to take action when warning signs are detected. The main goal of the effort is to improve outcomes for Pennsylvania students by identifying the students that are at risk of dropping out and intervening before it’s too late.

Delaware Parent Portal

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) wanted to provide a free, user-friendly service for all parents in the state to enable informed decisions about school selection. GreatSchools and Double Line Partners partnered to create a portal that provided tailored data to parents. Double Line worked with GreatSchools to identify the appropriate data that parents deemed helpful. DLP then put a process in place to aggregate and streamline the flow of data from DDOE to GreatSchools. The parent portal is public and available at

Delaware Early Learning Insight

As part of Delaware’s Early Learning Challenge grant, Double Line Partners was hired by the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) and the Delaware Office of Early Learning (OEL) to add early learning students and providers to the state’s existing Ed-Fi-powered K-12 Education Insight Dashboards. DLP worked with DDOE, OEL, and other early learning stakeholders to leverage new and existing data to create metrics on student participation and development. The ELI dashboards are designed to increase and improve data use among early learning educators.