These resources are a collection of thought leadership and best practices to help clients and the community successfully plan and implement performance management systems.

Dashboard Implementation

Delaware Dashboard Implementation

Double Line Partners helped the State of Delaware with a statewide implementation of the Ed-Fi-powered dashboards in 15 months. This presentation was given at the 2012 NCES STATS-DC Data Conference.

Stakeholder Engagement

Learn how the Texas Education Agency used stakeholder engagement to guide development of a new statewide longitudinal data system for Texas, and in particular a new set of performance dashboards for teachers and administrators. This white paper offers state and local education agencies pragmatic insights for both engaging and understanding the needs of educators as they embark on similar work.

Data Standards

CEDS Standards and How the Ed-Fi Solution Can Help

The general consensus is that data standards are good and recent convergence and evolution of national standards efforts are also generally viewed as a positive trend. The challenge is taking advantage of these emerging standards without disrupting existing systems or jeopardizing prior investments. This presentation, given at the 2012 NCES STATS-DC Conference, outlines Colorado’s ROI-based decision to migrate towards Common Education Data Standards (CEDS)/ Ed-Fi solutions and discusses the subsequent ripple effect and implementation challenges.

Differences in Data Standards (surfing the data standards)

States and districts are recognizing the value of implementing common data standards, such as cost efficiencies in development, opportunities to share tools, and leverage on vendor offerings, to name just a few. In this presentation, given at the 2012 NCES MIS Conference, states and districts, all in the process of leveraging the free Ed-Fi resources, share real-world lessons learned while implementing their vision of educator-facing data tools.

Using the Ed-Fi Solution to Streamline Data Collections

The Colorado Department of Education has a multi-phased approach to enhancing data collection and use capabilities statewide. This presentation, given at the 2012 NCES STAT-DC Conference, highlights the approach of the Phase I work to streamline data collections from local agencies using the Ed-Fi tool suite. Everything from the initial rationale for using the Ed-Fi tools to the results of the collections analysis process are covered, along with lessons learned to benefit others undertaking similar efforts.

Technical Process & Philosophy

Our Philosophy and Implementation

At Double Line Partners, we employ a technical process that emphasizes close collaboration with our clients. Our engagement process includes weekly discussions of project status and issues. And our agile technical process provides incremental software builds and deliverables.